Monday, November 9, 2009

Elus on PMS Radio 11/9/2009

Big ups to the homie Gramz for showing love and getting me on the show! Big ups to the whole PMS ladies...we had a good time! Kwan Lee was in the sure he gon have footage on the Kwan Lee TV soon on it as well! But here is the in-the-studio footage!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"The Process" Cover Art & Tracklisting

1. The Oath (Produced by Jewel)
2. In Route (Produced by Ngage)
3. Here I Come (Produced by C.G.)
4. Thru It All (Produced by Niki Niki)
5. When Opportunity Knocks (Produced by C.G.)
6. Bubonic f/ City (Produced by Vice)
7. The Free Hit Pt. 2 f/ Pete Colon (Produced by Ngage)
8. Retweets (Jay Frost Is In The Building Skit) (Produced by Niki Niki)
9. Me and My Microphone (Produced by Tis)
10. Engineer Ya Hear Me f/ Sledge (Produced by The Soul Profit)
11, What You Know About Me f/ Fred Da Godson & Goodz (Produced by Ngage)
12. Monopolee Money (Produced by C.G.)
13. 5 Mic Heat f/ Key, Meek & Kwiz (Produced by Kwan Lee)
14. Power Of The Mind f/ Verse (Produced by Heck for Heckler House)
15. Merryjuana f/ Chaoss & Juno (Produced by Ngage)

Lead single "Monopolee Money" is currently available on iTunes. "The Process" drops October 20th

1st Official Review Of "The Process"

C.G. (producer of the lead single "Monopolee Money") has just sent me his review of my upcoming album "The Process"! The album will be released on October 20th...hear is what C.G. had to say regarding the album:

"Elus' solo debut album "The Process" is exactly what hip hop needs; a breath of fresh air from hip hop's birthplace.

Elus kicks the album off with an intro, "The Oath" with pianos, militant drum rolls and catchy lyrics. The song makes it clear that Elus is coming in hard and catching everyone's ears.

As the album continues along on, songs like the motivational "En Route", the darker and hard hitting "Here I Come", the smooth yet struggle inspired Triboro collaboration "Thru It All" and the light hearted "When Opportunity Knocks" show Elus' diversity as an artist that include him singing on the chorus and/or breakdown. Don't get it twisted though, Elus keeps it thorough on all of the songs without a single trace of bubble gum rap.

Hip hop fans will really enjoy the "hypnotic" feel of the City assisted "Bubonic" with it's tough lyrics and up tempo beat.

My personal favorite comes up next, "The Free Hit Pt. 2" featuring Pete Colon, where the two talented MC's go back and forth on the verses and chorus. This song is a true banger with it's gem covered lyrics with a catchy and smooth beat and chorus.

The only skit on the album "Retweets" is completely hilarious with the cameo appearence of aspiring comedy rapper Jay Frost. Elus fans that are familiar with Frost will especially enjoy this as he has his own song and meets Elus face to face in the studio.

"Me and My Microphone" shows Elus confessing his love for being an artist and how being an MC is what he is meant to do in life.

On the darker "Engineer Ya Hear Me", Elus and Sledge attack boring and garbage rappers and MC's. However, both MC's take it a step further and attack the engineers for recording and mixing such trashy hip hop songs and artists (if you can call them that). The chorus sings, "Hello engineer ya hear me? You should be killed, I mean that dearly."

Next up, "What You Know About Me" allows Elus, Fred Da Godson and Goodz to boast about their accomplishments as MC's. Covering everything from holding a Guiness World Record and presenting a commercial on BET in support of President Obama (Elus), turning down record deals (Fred Da Godson) to having music videos on World Star Hip Hop (Goodz).

"Monopolee Money" (the album's lead single) provides a catchy chorus with a blaring organ on the beat along with lyrical verses. Produced by yours truly, the song asks, "How you gettin' fresh with Monopolee Money?" The catchy breakdown provided by Chaoss does nothing less than further catch your ear with a new electric guitar and synth melody.

"5 Mic Heat" comes back on the lyrical edge with assistance from the Ghetto Kings Key and Meek. This Kwan Lee produced song provides fans with insight to how the Source would view this album; 5 Mic Heat.

Last but not least, "Power Of The Mind" featuring Triboro's newest member Verse on the chorus, background vocals and a perfect verse. Elus continues to hold up to his name and motto; aspiring to inspire as Hip Hop's Savior. This song provides nothing less than almost 5 minutes worth of inspiration and still does so in the catchy sense of the rest of the album.

Before you throw this album on repeat, Elus provides a bonus track, "Merryjuana" featuring Chaoss and the Ghetto Kings own Juno. This smoker’s anthem has a hype club beat with a sing along chorus for all fans to enjoy, smoker or not. This is the perfect song to ride out to or dance to in the club, providing lots of energy for you have before you put the album on repeat.

Overall, all I can say about Elus' album "The Process" is that it is nothing less than a 2009 classic. Everything from the lyrics, to the beats and production to the mixing (done by Elus) are nothing but perfect. This is the 2009 version of Reasonable Doubt, Illmatic, The Chronic, Doggystyle and The Slim Shady LP but done in Elus' fashion and style. This album is a perfect mixture of positive and inspirational hip hop with enough edge for the thugs and still soft enough for the females and children."

- By C.G. for C.G. Productionz (producer of "Here I Come", "When Oppurtunity Knocks" and "Monopolee Money")

C.G. Productionz

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Walk With "The Glow"

My boy James "The Glow" Goff bumping "How Music Sounds" (off "On With The Show Vol 3" as he heads to his show in Reno! Holla

Joystick Madness Video

Fellow Rapathon brethren Wordspit released his new video "Joystick Madness" expected dope! If you don't know about this brother...I suggest you get familiar! Peep da video:

***New Song Leak*** "This Lil Light Of Mine" (Off The Process: The Mixtape)

Features my dude Chipz Da General (MUP/Sony Recording Artist)! Did this joint like 2 days ago...doubt its even the final mix, but enjoy! I have good music for days...ask about me!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

On The Rise Showcase - September 1st

I know damn near the entire bill...this is gonna be a dope Hip Hop show! This is definitely something you dont wanna miss ya'll!